To all my English speaking friends. Welcome to my new website, ”Rydin Inspiration”. Most things are so far in Swedish, but I have also started to add songs in English. All in my own living-room recordings. In this way I can begin to share with you, some of the songs I have in my heart. Thanks to my husband Gunnar who has taken the time to create this website. Without him it would not be any songs on these pages.

Here is one little song from the Musical ”On the way” (”På väg”) which I wrote in 2013. This song is one that Jesus sings in the musical.  ”My peace I give to you…. receive My peace in your heart….”  …Maybe that is a message to YOU, right now in the situation where you are. Just stop for a second or two and breath in His peace. Here and now!

MY PEACE – Words & music: Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin


You will find more songs if you click on the tab ”In English” and choose from the under-tabs ”Worship” or ”On the way”.

Please feel free to share this with people you think might be encouraged by listening!

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