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…Here are some of my worship songs, which are in English. (not just in Swedish!) Very simple recordings from our living-room, but I hope you will enjoy listening and to sing along, and lift your voice in worship to Jesus. Please feel free to copy* and use and spread the songs in your country, in your family, among your friends, in your church and outside the church.

You will find the lyrics and chords by clicking on each song title*

     Come let us worship Jesus!   With all our hearts,       with all our minds,      with all that we are!!              Let us draw near to Him!

GLORY GLORY TO OUR GOD – Words and music: Elsa Rydin, Maria Sundh (c) 2016 Elsa Rydin, Maria Sundh    Join in the angels song, giving glory to our God in heaven.

MY HEART BRINGS PRAISE TO YOU  – Words & music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2016 Elsa Rydin        A morning hymn. Thanks to our wonderful God who fills us each day with new strength and joy and peace…

WE TURN OUR HEARTS TO YOU JESUS – Words & music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2011 Elsa Rydin.     This song I have used a lot, both in Swedish and in English. I can also hear within, this chorus being sung in many different languages… and the thought brings me joy.. when so many Jesus-loving people all over the world uniting in lifting Jesus wonderful name up together in worship.. ”We lift up Your name Jesus. We lift up Your wonderful name Jesus….”

IN YOUR PRESENCE – Words & music: Elsa Rydin   (c) 1992 David Songs                 This is what life is all about – to be in the presence of Jesus. The Swedish original is called I DIN NÄRHET. It is nr 757 in the Swedish Hymnbook.     Here is my English version.  I wrote the song in 1992 when I was pregnant with my first baby, Samuel, who is now grown up and engaged to his dear Sara. I asked God for a song to the baby, and this song came, as a prayer over my son Samuel – and a prayer in which many has joined.  This song has also been translated into Greek.      ”In Your presence” is many times sung without the stick. On this recording I included the original stick as well.

YOU ARE WORTHY, WORTHY JESUSWords & music: Elsa Rydin   (c) David Songs – David Media AB      Yes – now (May 2020) the English translation of my song (Swedish original; ”Du är värdig”) is ready;

”You are worthy, worthy Jesus” is a joyful song ”in the throne-room” of heaven. Inspired by Revelation chapter 5 (in the Bible) about how it is in heaven. One day many years ago I thought about how angels and all of creation are face down, before the throne of God, crying Holy, Holy, Holy. Worthy, Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb, Jesus Christ, who died so that all men and women could find the way back to God – and than, I also could ”see”, in front of me how the great JOY just broke loose in heaven, in celebration over what Jesus did on the cross, when he won the eternal Victory and opened the Way back home to God – for everyone!       This song we have used a lot in Swedish, both with children and all ages together. It was recorded in Swedish on 2 CD’s. (”Tid att tillbe” 2001 produced by Lars Ekberg and on ”Älskad” 2004, produced by Dan Weeks) And here is my English version of the song, which we have sung many times at ”The Vineyard Nordic SummerCamp” and ”Kingdom camp” and other places. Hope you like it. Sing from your heart to Jesus!

JESUS I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS –                Words & music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin

JESUS WE LIFT OUR VOICES (You are holy) – Words & music: Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin.

JESUS YOU LOVE BOTH YOUNG AND OLD (Evening prayer) – Written by Elsa Rydin & Anna Rydin. (c) 2002 Elsa Rydin, Anna Rydin.  This is a prayer for children and parents together, which can be prayed or sang in the morning or in the evening – or for children’s choir etc. Can be sung at the end of worship services – morning or evening. It was originally written in Swedish, by my daughter and myself, when she thought the words in the traditional Swedish childrens evening-prayer were difficult to understand. We rewrote the words, and a melody came – and this is the prayer we and many others with us, started to use.

 I WILL ALWAYS WORSHIP YOU    – Words & music: Elsa Rydin (c) David Songs.        This song I wrote 2001, in Swedish, as I was pregnant with Evelina. (It was recorded on the CD ”Tid att tillbe”) November 2014 I translated it into English – now for my teenage girl Evelina – and for any heart that want to worship Jesus.

THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH – Words & music: Elsa Rydin   (c) 2014 Elsa Rydin       A very simple song, reminding us about where we have our true source of joy…

LORD YOU ARE TRULY SO GREAT –   Words & music: Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin.     This song I have used together with the old hymn How great Thou art. By starting with the old chorus ”Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee…” and then going over into this new upbeat joyful worship song – People sing along as if they have heard the song before.

BUILD A GATE OF PRAISE  Words & music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2015 Elsa Rydin   A new song from October 2015. Sing along! Let us worship our wonderful marvelous majestic Savour Jesus – and may the joy of the Lord fill You and wash away all sorrows and sadness.

MY DESIRE BURNS STRONGER DEEP WITHIN (Jesus more of You) – Words and music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2016 Elsa Rydin

LET HER FEEL THE LOVE OF JESUS – Words and music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2016 Elsa Rydin    A prayer for a sister or friend who are in pain…

I GIVE YOU MY TEARS (And I say Thank you) – Words and music: Elsa Rydin (c) 2016 Elsa Rydin

* PLEASE NOTE:  About copyright:    Feel free to use and spread the songs. Just an important detail. Please remember, when you create song sheets, song books, or if you project the songs, or in other ways duplicate or share the songs, please write the name of the song writer with each song and also the copyright info, under each song. In this way the songs are not spread as unknown.       Thank you very much!

REPORTING: When you use the songs in your church, please remember to report the songs in your CopyReport to CCLI. The songs are also part of Stim, so any public performance can be reported to Stim.

RECORDING: If you want to record any of the songs, please make sure the copyright info is correctly written with each song!

Thank you very much for your help with this!

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