ON THE WAY – That’s the name of the musical I wrote in 2013 in Umeå, Sweden (in Swedish ”På väg”). I have translated all the songs into English, and you will be able to listen to them here on the Rydin Inspiration Website. I hope you will find some songs you like, which touches your heart.

A  sound track is found under each title. And if you click on the title you will find lyrics and chords. Feel free to use the songs, and copy the texts etc*    (Please remember to report the songs in you annual CCLI report, if you use the songs in your church.)


ON THE WAY– Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      We are all on the way through life… Time passes by, and we move along… On the Way… which leads to heaven.. And the One who is known as being, not only the Truth and the Life, but also the Way….He, Jesus our Lord and Savior, is truly the Way which leads to heaven.    This song came to me as I was out on a long walk with 3 of my children in a place called Aneby in the south of Sweden…and realized..yes, that is the start song I need for the musical!


SO HAPPY – Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin     A song we can start the day with…! Let us remember to thank the Lord Jesus for each day, and for life itself. It is a gift to be grateful for.  A song for childrens choir! As a morning song at camps…  In church services for mixed ages + children’s choir etc.



LIFE IS LIKE A DANCE – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      Life is (for all people) both sunshine and rain. Happiness and pain…  all in a great mix… In everything that happens to us.. let us remember, we are not alone!   Life is like a dance – A happy dance, and a sad dance. …. In all circumstances; Let us give glory to Jesus!


TO YOU (NO WORRIES) – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin       – In Swahili ”No worries” is called ”Hakuna matata”. Those words are used in the film about the Lion King… And when I started to think about where Hakuna Matata really and truly could be found.. I was reminded about how Jesus invites us to cast all our burdens to him, and not to worry… but to trust in Him.. and I thought: Wow! With Jesus we CAN find, over and over, the real Hakuna Matata. By learning to cast our burdens to Him – again and again (and again..since we are so good at taking our worries back again..or finding us new burdens!)   At the end of the song in the musical, Jesus sings over us all… there are no worries.. you have left them all to Me .   That is powerful!


LOVE IS WHY WE LIVE –   Lyrics: Anna Rydin, music: Elsa Rydin         (c) 2013 Anna Rydin/Elsa Rydin         This great text was written by my oldest daughter Anna, when she was 16. I just asked her if she got any ideas for a text for the musical. After a few minutes in her room she came back with this text, just as it is in English. (The only song in this musical which was not written in Swedish first). The song is about why we really live… And the answer for the world is still… Jesus!


YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin  Here is a rap..!! Always remember: You can make a difference!!    And I hope you will say Yes, yes, yes I will follow You – … when Jesus asks you to follow Him!


THE SAME DESIRE – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin    That deep desire and longing in each person, no matter from where in the world we come from, rich or poor, young or old… all have the same longing.. to be loved… that our lives should mean something more…  Finding our true selves more and more in Jesus…on our way through life…


MY PEACE – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      This song in the musical is sung by Jesus. Take a moment here and now.. open your heart and receive directly from Jesus…. ”My peace I give to you….   Receive my peace in your heart. A peace so deep and wonderful”


SO EMPTY – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      This is ”the Sad Wanderers song, at a time when all is empty and difficult.. But also a song of hope..   As we lift our eyes, up to Jesus – we will find the way, even through our darkest moments.


SAY DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED – Elsa Rydin (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin       This song is in the musical first sung by a child, to the sad wanderer.. and then by the whole choir and the children’s choir – to each other and to all in the audience..  Say, do you know that you are loved… You are a gift to us!!


COME – Elsa Rydin  (c) Elsa Rydin    This song is also sung by Jesus in the musical. Come to Me….


HERE I GO – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      A joyful song sang after having met with Jesus – and after meeting with friends who make my heart feel light… Light steps, almost dancing…


YOU CREATED US FOR JOY – Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin       How amazing! God created such beauty around us, so that joy would flow from deep within us. Heaven is a place of joy – But even here, already now, God wants us to feel His amazing joy, rising up within!


HERE AND NOW I WILL STOP – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin          A reminder to stop, in the midst of all that wants to run so fast in and around us. To stop and again be filled with the peace of Jesus



IN SILENCE – Elsa Rydin  (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin       I love this little song. In silence…My soul has found rest.. here with You Jesus.      For choir with 4-part hamonies


ENCOURAGEMENT – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin                              The word: Encouragement.. How important, for all humans. For young and old. For you and for me. Everyone needs encouragement! Let us encourage each other today as much as we can!!


WE BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE – Elsa Rydin   (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin    There is hope. There is always hope. There is a wonderful future ahead. For sure a lot here in life can be and will be so wonderful. But if not so, we can still know that one day, no matter how things became here – there will be a fantastic heaven with Jesus.


JESUS YOU LOVE BOTH YOUNG AND OLD (Evening prayer) – Written by Anna Rydin & Elsa Rydin  (c) 2002 Anna Rydin & Elsa Rydin.       This song we used as an Amen in the musical. It has also been used at many other times by children’s choirs and as the final song in worship services, conferences, meetings and homegroups etc. Anna and I wrote the song 2002, when she was just 6 years old... when Anna thought the words in the traditional Swedish ”Children’s prayer” was difficult to understand.. we started to use our own words.. and it became this song.   Good song for children’s choir, or for singing together before going to bed – or as the Amen in meetings and church services.



* ABOUT COPYRIGHT  – I am very glad if you like the songs and spread them and use them. But please remember to write the song writers names and the copyright info on anything you duplicate – on song sheets and when you project the lyrics etc. so the songs are not spread as unknown. Thank you very much! And also remember to report the songs in your CCLI-report

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