”Rydin Inspiration” is a page where I share some of my songs and I hope this can inspire and encourage you to draw closer to Jesus.

Click here to find songs in English:

Worship songs, prayers & hymns:    or the Musical ”On the Way”   or ”Love songs”:

If you speak Swedish, you will find many, many more songs in Swedish if you look around on this website

When you click on each green-marked song title, you will find lyrics and chords. Please print and use!


Please feel free to sing, print and spread the songs to others, and make choir arrangements etc. And if you want to translate a song into your own language, please do – But please also remember to send me your translations or arrangements (so I can keep a copy) – and if you record a song – please send me the recording! Please make sure you write copyright (c) Elsa Rydin on any of my songs, when you print, project, arrange, translate or record or in other ways spread my songs. ( the songs are not spread as ”Unknown”, or so that the copyright does not change without my permission!)

When you use the songs in public/in church… please remember to report the songs to CCLI. Thank you very very much!

May God bless you and fill you with joy today!

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