Songs about love… To be sung at a wedding or on a wedding anniversary or when renewing marriage promises – or just for the joy of singing to someone you love! Or for friends who are in love!  …songs which I wrote to my dear husband Gunnar.       Feel free to use the songs yourself in the situation where you are now!

A bible verse which Gunnar and I (since 1991) have as one of our life-verses, is from  1 Joh 4:12, where it says: ”No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us” other words – If we love each other… people around us can see a glimpse of God. Of the God who is love, the God who created love – and who created us for love.

Take good care of each other!


NOW AS I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES THIS MOMENT – Words & music: Elsa Rydin  (c) 2012 Elsa Rydin     A love song, which I first wrote in Swedish to my dear husband Gunnar. Here translated or rewritten into English for our dear friends Maria and Debabrata before they got married 2012. A song to be sung at weddings or just for the joy of singing to someone you love!         It is an amazing thing that God can be seen through us if we love each other…!!   1 Joh 4:12.

(The Swedish version of this song is found under the tab ”Sånger” and under ”Kärlekssånger” and is called ”Nu när jag ser in i dina ögon”)


AFTER ALL THESE YEARS   –   Words & music: Elsa Rydin    (c) 2013 Elsa Rydin      I wrote this song to my dear husband Gunnar, around our 22nd Wedding anniversary 2013. I am so very, very thankful for Gunnar and that we found each other way back in 1990, and that we still can share love and life together! What a gift! Love grows stronger through the years. Through the tears and the laughter. Through kindness and patience and forgiveness. We share so many good memories but also many misunderstandings, as we are so different. We have been good at forgiving and leaving things behind! And we look forward to many more good years of love, into the future together.    I hope you will be touched by the song.



Please respect the copyright! – Please use the songs and share them with your friends. But when you print or project the lyrics of the songs for private or for public use, please remember to clearly write info about songwriter and the copyright info under the song, so the songs are not spread as ”unknown”. And please remember to report the songs to CCLI (Licence rights to print/project songs/lyrics) and/or Stim (Performance licence) if you use the songs publicly. If you do not have any CCLI-licence (or Stim-licence), you can get your permission directly from me.

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